Does anyone know the subeta trivia question for August 10th?

Question:What is the potential name of a pet that could help make sweet treats, and view daytime programming, as well as look for areas in which to dispose of the deceased?

Does anyone have ANY idea what the name of that pet could be? I'm very confused. XD;

Nice job cheating on Subeta Trivia.

You are not allowed to give out the answers for the trivia. If you are caught, you will be frozen!

NOTE: Due to the cheating on the Trivia that has been occurring, the sP prize has been significantly cut. Also, very few truly rare items will now be being given. (Not that Arbor's delicious mud pie is not a thing of beauty and a joy forever). The pocket of cheaters know who they are and where they posted, and that it is absolutely not permitted. If anyone would like to report any of them, please feel free. I was going to discontinue the Trivia entirely, however I chose the less drastic route of lesser prizes unless and until this spate of cheating comes to a halt. It will be being monitored.
Do not be internet.or leave this kind of little things...

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