Can you name some places that have a population of less than 6,000??

Question:Just curious. Thanks! :)

Luckenbach,Texas (pop 3)(Famous country song mentions this town "Luckenbach,Texas (back to the basics of love)

Lynchburg,Tennessee (pop 5700 (where they make Jack Daniels)

Cut and Shoot, Texas (pop 1158) (weird name)

Jena,Louisiana (pop 2971) where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spoke on some race relations this past week
My home town Ste. Genevieve MO. Population 4,411.
canastota ny 5000 people
New Shoreham, Block Island, Rhode Island, USA

permanent population - under 1,000

summer population - you don't want to know.

St. Clairsville (5,057), Bellaire (4,892), Barnesville (4,225), Shadyside (3,675), Bridgeport (2,186), Powhatan Point (1,744), Bethesda (1,413), Yorkville (1,230), Neffs (1,138), Flushing (900), Brookside (644), Belmont (532), Holloway (345), Morristown (299), Wilson (118), Fairview (81)

all of these are in my county, Belmont County, Ohio
Mattawan, Michigan.
Essex, Ma. Where I live. 3k.
maybe Vatican city?

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