Cleopatra of the Nile, was she black or white?

She was Egyptian. They are neither black nor white, but their skin is darker than a Caucasian's.
i've heard that cleopatra was actually greek...i'm not sure though
mm Egyptians are usually like bronze-ish tan
not' black or white'
Egyptian's have a dark tone so it's just their skin type dark skin so some say she was "mixed" if she was alive in our time but egyptians have a darken skin. but to answer ur question a whiteish black person
ithink she was a burnette between white and black
A mixture of both
She was of Persian descent where the people had color. So,she had the appearance of an African person.
The Nile is in Egypt.
Egypt is in Africa.
She was a Pharaoh

Without doubt she was black.
African -Black or at least a medium to dark skin tone.
She was born in Egypt but had Mesopotamian (modern day Iraq) lineage which would make her brownish.
Wikipedia always.!
I think she was Greek.
She was the last of the Ptolemies. She was of Greek descent and most likely more Greek than Egyptian.
it is said that the her family descended from a Macedonian general Ptolemy, please i know the spelling of that is incorrect however it point out that she was of European decent on one side of her genetic make up many rulers then were not the same race as their subjects
she was no doubt african. not all africans are the same ..
same how there are blondes and brunettes in the white race there are different types of blacks in african. especially because our skin tone has more variety. cleopatra was from egypt. which is between middle eastern and black in race (at that time). but same as how white count biracial (with black in them) as black. as in.. an ounce of black makes u black all the same.. or the fancy name "coloured" , same way u gotta count cleopatra as black. she sure wasnt white or had mixed with white

[edit] the art doesnt show her different from any other person at that time. which it could.. if she was of a different race, kind etc. ppl keep saying that the pharoah's were white. look at the long standing art . thats the only prof anyone has, suggestions and theories are just that
She was actually of Macedonian descent, which is a branch of Greek. The macedonians did speak a dialect of Greek and were allowed to attend the Olympic Games (at the time were Greek Only) bit still considered themselves non Greeks.
Cleopatra was actually born in Rome. She was white!
Those that said she was of Greek or Macedonian decent are correct. I do not know if she had Egyptian blood also. She certainly would have had a lot of white blood.
Neither, she was Egyptian which makes her have a mocha coloured skin.
As many others pointed out, use wikipedia, and she was Greek.

It is terribly sad that ethno-centrists desperately want to rewrite history to give themselves some kind of historical "pride."

Not only was she Greek, but the since Ptolemaics were so fond of inbreeding to maintain thier bloodlines; she was likely not only 100% white, but possibly suffered from some kind of genetic diseases brought on by in-breeding.

The idea that she is "black" or even "mixed" arab / native egyptian / white / etc. comes from ethno-centric revisionist history.

The Hellinistic Pharoahs WERE all white, because Egypt was conquered and taken over by Alexander the Great. Cleopatra was descended from one of his generals that took over Egypt (Ptolemy). Many Greeks migrated to and colonized Egypt.

Her subjects were many and varied as far as ethnicities, she was not.

Now, pre-Hellenistic Egyptian rulers were not "white", they were "Egyptian" (excluding, of course, a period of Persian domination) which was neither "black" or "white" as we know them today. In fact, ancient Egyptians were probably closer to a mix of asians, whites and blacks, but thats another topic entirely.

A quick note to put this in perspective, this is from wikipedia:

"Even though she still bore the ancient Egyptian title Pharaoh, one should bear in mind that her society's language was Greek and its culture was Hellenistic, and that when Cleopatra was born, the Great Pyramid was already at least 2,500 years old, if not older."

Cleopatra is to King Tut as I am to an American Indian living around 8th century A.D.

Really, one has got to ask themselves, what kind of "historical pride" can modern blacks feel from pretending that an in-bred white girl, who happened to rule Egypt because one of her ancestors conquered it, was black? If one wants to look for a source of "black pride" in the ancient world, why not the Kingdom of Kush?

Edit: An afterthought, concerning art of the time. There is very little surviving art of Cleopatra (some coins or sculptures, perhaps?) None of which indicates color as far as I know. Furthermore, if there are depictions that don't show her as "any different" from others in the depictions, that is because, her entire royal court were GREEK!

If she was black, Roman records (which were extensive) certainly would have indicated that. We know that Caesar was balding, but we don't know Cleopatra (his lover at one time) was black? Absurd.
she was probably white from her macedonian descent

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