Countries and empires wich use(ed) an eagle for the emblem?

1.) USA- The United States has adopted the North American Bald Eagle.

2.) The Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks used- a double-headed eagle as coats-of-arms.

3.) Serbia/Montenegro- The Two-headed eagle is the emblem of Serbia, Montenegro, and Serbia and Montenegro.

4.) Spain. The "Catholic Kings", Isabella and Ferdinand- used the Golden Eagle as a part of the royal shield. The eagle was on the Spanish shield until 1978.

5.) Germany and Prussia- Prussia, and later Germany have used a black eagle as their national symbol.

6.) Austria- The Austrian Empire had a two-headed eagle as its symbol. After the abolition of Austria-Hungary, Austria took as its symbol a one-headed eagle in the modern coat of arms of Austria.

7.) Russian Empire- After the fall of Constantinople, the Russian Empire took the two-headed eagle as its own symbol.

8.) Rome- The Romans used it on the standards of their armies.

9.) Mexico- The bird on the Mexican coat of arms and flag is a Golden Eagle.

10.) The Philippines- The endangered Philippine Eagle is the national bird of the Philippines.

*I only named ten but there are plently more like, Poland, Nigeria, Romania, and a few more.
Many. Rome, Germany, Russia, the US, France under Napoleon and others.
The Roman empire

The United States,

Nazi Germany
Germany and Poland
Eagles as national symbols

The eagle has been used by many nations as a national symbol, depicting power, beauty and independence.

Arabic world. Many Arabic states and organisations use eagles as symbols, e.g. the PLO, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Czech Republic.
Hellenistic Egypt. The Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt used it as their seal.
First French Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte used the Roman Golden Eagle as the symbol of his new French empire.
The Philippines.
Rome. The Romans used it on the standards of their armies.
The late Byzantine Empire chose a two-headed golden eagle as its symbol.
Russian Empire.
Charlemagne and Holy Roman Empire. After his crowning as the new Roman Emperor, Charlemagne adopted the ancient Roman eagle as his own symbol. The Holy Roman Empire born of his kingdom took the eagle, but the Habsburgs replaced the golden eagle by an imperial eagle. From this derives:
Germany and Prussia.
The Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks used a double-headed eagle as coats-of-arms.
look it up for yourself there is a lot though.
Hmmm That may be a tough one. The Roman Eagle was a symbol of Rome's military might. You may want to research this on the web.

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