Answer as many questions as you can and try to go beyond the mere recitation of facts? Part.2?

Question:What is your favorite song? Do you associate the song with a specific occasion or event? What's your favorite movie? Do you remember the very first time that you saw it? Who do you like most/least about summer? About fall? What special foods do you eat in the summer? What sorts of activities do you do in the winter? What president would you have enjoyed voting for? Who is your favorite artist? Have you ever seen his or her work "in person," or only in books? Who is your favorite male movie star? Female movie star? Which of their shows or movies have you most admired? What would you say to them if you could speak face-to-face? What is your favorite holiday? What sorts of things do you do? What is your favorite cartoon character? Why do you like this character? Does the character remind you of you or someone you know in any way? What is your favorite color? Do you have clothing in this color or are the walls of your room this color? Do you have any other objects that have this color?

1. "Song For A Winter's Night" by Sarah McLaughlan is the prettiest~ worded song I've ever heard.
2. It played during the Christmas Season of 2002-2003, and an aquaintance and I had renewed a friendship.
3. "The Thornbirds"
4. Yes. I remember, when I first saw it. I thought I'd get "bored to tears" watching something with 6 episodes. I loved it and didn't want it to end. The sequels, on the other hand, were awful!
5. I like Summer because I can enjoy AC and shorts.
6. I don't like Summer because the heat "gets to me."
7. I like Fall because of the changing follage and coolness.
8. The thing I don't like about Fall: It's not cold enough.
9. I like icecream (vanilla) and rainbow (cherry, cocanut, banana) snowcones in the Summer.
10. I stay inside in the winter. I'm not an activities person for personal reasons.
11. I wish I could have voted for Truman because of his "straight-forward ways."
12. Thomas Kinkade is my favorite artist. I love his nature stuff.
13. I've seen his stuff in books and on calendars, but I've never been to an exhibit to see it.
14.My favorite male movie star is Richard Chamberlain because I think he acts well.
15. My favorite female movie star is Catherine Zeta - Jones because I think she's so pretty!
16. Chamberlain's best movie is "The Thornbird's," and I have no favorite for Zeta-Jones.
17. Chamberlain: If he were my priest and I were Catholic, I'd create a sin to confess! Zeta-Jones: I'd tell her how pretty she is. Most women would "kill" to look like that!
18. My favorite holiday is New Year's Eve because I love "ringing in" the New Year!
19. I cut coupons for friends and family, watch tv, watch video tapes, listen to music, read various things, and rest.
20. My favorite cartoon character is Penelope Pittstop.
21. I could never be as "frilly" as this little cartoon character and her constant primping back in the 60's-70's was annoying. She was pretty (not that I don't think I am).
22. She doesn't remind me of myself or anyone. I think, subconciously, I wanted to be more frilly like she was because I'm a lady. Didn't make it~I got "stuck between the piano keys"~ almost there, but not a tomboy~sorry!
23. Red is my favorite color.
24. I wear a lot of red and have many red or red~hued colors in my room.
hydrolic,no,dont have one,no,sleep late/way 2 hot,great,ice cream!,dance,bill clinton,devinci,books,chris tucker, jessica alba,black angel/rush hour,you are awesome!,christmas,listen to music/dance/etc,stewie,he is crazy!,orange,im having my room changed to orange soon,no
Put You to bed, yes, Brown Sugar, no, weather, leaves, ice cream, sleep and shop, Clinton, no one, books, Chris Tucker, Sanaa Lathan, Something New, You're my favorite actress I idolize you, Valentines, go out with Jason, Peter, because he's crazy, Jason, black, no my car is, my computer
I don't know what my favourite song is, my favourite songs are all by Guns N' Roses.
My favourite movie is The Sound of Music.
No i don't remember the very first time, but i know i was very young.
I like the fact that i get a break from school in the summer, however i dislike the hot weather, and the boredom i begin to experience a few weeks into the holidays.
I like the weather in Autumn [fall], however i dislike the fact it sometimes gets unpredictable.
Nectarines are in season in the summer, and they're my favourite fruit, so they are therefore special to me.
I don't do any activities ever, let alone in the winter.
I'm too young to vote, and i live in the UK.
I don't have a favourite artist.
My favourite male movie star is Johnny Depp, for the shallow reason that he's very attractive.
My favourite female movie star is Scarlett Johansson, same reason.
Edward Scissorhands/Lost in Translation
I probabaly wouldn't be able to speak.
I don't like "holidays".
I don't do anything exciting. I go to school, i spend too much time on the internet.
The only cartoon i watch is the Simpsons, i guess i like Marge.
She's the sensible one with a crazy side, and plus she's ignored quite a bit, so someone has to like her.
She reminds me of my Mum... slightly.
Black, but that's a shade, so i'll say Deep violet.
Yes i have some deep violet clothing [most of it is black], my walls will be this colour when it's redecorated.
No. I have a lot of black things.

I more or less recited facts, sorry.
2.yes! the time everyone in my class kept saying '8675309' over and over and i felt like an idiot because i didnt have any clue what they were talking about.
3.prisoner of azkaban
4.not really
5.Who or what? what, i love being able to go outside and not freeze my *** off! bday! (heehee!) late summer i LOVE corn on ze cob!
8.stay inside
10.pablo (piccasso)!
12.robin williams
13.keira knightley
14. r.w.-night @ ze museum, flubber, and rv.
15.k.k.-pirates 1
16. r.w.-you rock!
17.k.k.-i love the pirates movies! bday cuz its a day just for me!
19.write! and read!
21.cuz...why not!
23.faded bluish gray
24.yep i really have to look?
1. Barbie Girl by Aqua. 2. With Barbie dolls. 3.The Goonies. 4. Yes. 5. Who do I like most/least about summer? huh? I like the warmth of summer and no school. I don't like the down time. I like Alshey Simpson in the summer, but only the summer. And don't like Ray Ramono. 6. Snow ball fights, but I use ice balls. 7. James Van Bruen. 8.Meatloaf. 9. Have you ever seen his or her work "in person," or only in books? What the hell are you talking about? 10. Martin Sheen. 11. Nicole Kidman. 12. ANy of them. 13. Sup. 14. Martin Luther King day. 15. Whatever I want. 16. Snow White 17. She controls midgets. 18. White snow. 19. Orange 20. Yes 21. No.

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