Did you know that once someone has been cremated the bones have to be put into a grinding machine ?

Yes, I knew that. The normal cremation process as I understand it is around 2000 degrees and some fragments remain that need ground up. I have also heard (unknown if true) that the family used to have to specifically request if they wanted cleaning of the oven prior to insure no other remains were mixed in.
That's not the real question...the real question is, who cares?
Yes, the machine is called "cremulator" that grinds them down to finer bone fragments somewhat resembling wood-ash in appearance, but of greater density.
Yes, I did know that... but I also have it on good authority that the person doesn't feel anything during the grinding process.
I did know that, actually. I believe the machine is called a cremulator, and it has like 8 metal ball (several pounds each) that rotate around and mash up what's left of the bones. I don't think they do it every time, though. Only reason I know this is I've just recently been reading a lot about Spontaneous Human Combustion. They talk to alot of cremators in those books, apparently.
I don't believe in being cremated. Yuck!! I would rather be put in a coffin and be put in the ground.
Don't worry, it doesn't hurt and it's just another part of the process to make sure that the person is really, really dead.
Actually, no. I don't believe the bones are put in a 'grinder,' either, as reputable crematoriums now have furnaces that reach the required temperature to reduce most of the body to ash. I believe there are laws in place about it.

While not all of what remains is ash, most is. The remains are given to loved ones (loving ones?), who are told that the remains are heavy due to the weight of the ash as well as small bone fragments resistant to the heat. And the loving ones pick out an urn and, depending on law, do with it as they wish.

At least that was my experience. I'm unwilling to go to another site to find out more, but you can at
I may check it out later but your question made me a little sad for now... (nottoworryI'llgetoverit)
I did not know that.
It is the bones that are left over after cremation. They are indeed ground up into a fine dust and these are the "ashes" your loved ones get in the memorial urns. I've threatened to haunt ANYBODY who even THINKS about cremating me (must be either my fear of fire and I'd somehow know I was being burned, or else what church told me--cremated people go to hell).
yes I do, my brother owns a creamatory
no I thought the bones burn also. Actually I'm pretty sure thats what happens.
Are you sure this is still done today. I thought the heat in the cremulator was at a high enough temp. to reduce the skeletal bones to ash. Also people who are cremated DO NOT go to hell. I look upon it as an option...pretty soon we are going to run out of cemeteries to bury everyone in the ground.

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