Can an average person be a genuis?


by not asking stupid questions
...a genius isn't average. That's the point.
Anyone can be a genius. It just requires the time and dedication. Enroll in a class somewhere, preferably something you're intrested in. Like i say, it requires hard work. Its not going to come easy.
no, because a genuis is not an average person (ha ha, reversed the question and it still answers it)
we are all genuises in diffrent matters

depends on what the subect is
a genius is not someone normal .

but if you want to be smarter you can work hard. study more. join harder courses, LIKE in some high school , they can let you challenge your brain by taking college courses . thats what im doing .
i work hard for my grades and thats why people call me smart. BUT some regular people think that being smart is something ur born with . some probably are but others work hard.
like ALBERT EINSTEIN he wasnt the brigthest student in elementary.
but if you work hard you can be know as smart
zzz... must... drink... a lot of. hmmm... beer... zzz...
Well ! Its like can a Car fly !
That would be an oxymoron.
why sure.
Isn't there that saying... a genius is 99% perspiration and 1% genius? ^^
I think so, it would be hard though. How? Read everything, remember everything, and know everything.

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