BIRTHDAY QUIZ..hahahaha?

Question:First to get it right wins!

A young man was born on November 6, 1991.
How many years old would he be and how many days old would he be.

ex: 23 years...223 days.

15 years and 273 days, unless this is a trick question, in which case my answer would be that he would be 0 years and 0 days on November 6, 1991.
15 years 273 days... I think.
15years,and 271 days
2007-1991= 15

5752 Days old
You are 15 years old . . .

or 189 months old
or 821 weeks old
or 5751 days old
or 138024 hours old
or 8281472 minutes old
or 496888378 seconds old

And, your next birthday is in:
92 days 13 hrs 28 mins 2 secs
he would be zero years and days. I'm guessing this is a trick question.
He would be 15 years 276 days old.
2006-1991=15 years (going from Nov. 6-Nov.6); the years 2000 and 2004 were leap years, so an extra day was added in Feb. of those years. The days count up as this:
Nov. 6-30, 2006=24 (days left in the month)
Dec. 2006=31
Feb 2007.=28 + 2 (for the leap years)
March 2007= 31
April 2007=30
May 2007=31
June 2007=30
July 2007=31
Aug 2007.=7 (month/year isn't finished yet)
So the days add up from Nov. 6, 2006-Aug. 7, 2007 to 276.

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