Does ne1 have a concrete logical explanation of déjà vu?

Question:I no wat it means so please no need 2 explain the concept, but m interested 2 no wat u feel when u come across that split second recognition of a place, face or sequence which u know that u didn't encounter b4. Let's discount the famous Matrix theory of lapse in the Matrix software. Ne new ideas folks??


well,memories are actually groups of brain cells linked by strong chemical connections.recalling a memory involves finding and activating a specific's important to the brain to know that some memories are similar to each other(for example the pleasure of eating orange is similar to eating grapefruit)
the mind can retrieve complete memories based on just a single clue(like the question:where did you go today?)
you can recall memories when you're at a place similar to an other one,or when you hear a conversation similar to one another-even if this conversation was too many years,scientists believe that deja vu comes from a "conflict" between two parts of the brain;the neocortex is aware of the fact that you've never been in a situation before.the hippocampus is telling you that yes,you have.that's a possible explanation of deja vu.i hope i was clear enough...
lt's just the memory function of your brain getting a bit mixed up and confusing things, according to the latest research.
I heard once that your mind sort of "hick-ups". There's a delay between what you are "seeing" and what your brain is processing.
i talked to a physicist years ago who was fascinated by the phenomenon and so had done quite a bit of research on it. now I'm not as smart as he was so i cant explain it as well as him but basically sometimes your brain gets overloaded and starts to work like a print buffer. the brain is very powerful so this doesn't happen very often, and when it does it only lasts a second or two. in effect you will hear or see something and your brain being more preoccupied than usual will store this info into a temporary buffer and then a very short time later will fully process the input as a sensory experience. some times this "late memory" will not sync up with your other senses like vision or hearing and this creates the feeling of having seen or heard something before.
sorry i couldn't explain this as well as he did, but his theory made perfect sense.
deja vu--the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before.
reminder - an experience that causes you to remember something
There is no concrete explanation for it, for then you get into the ethereal realm of premonition or future life-past intrusion, both of which defy rational explanations
its like when ur in a place where somethin happened and ur memory comes back at that exact moment and its like time rewinding itself backwards in ur head it feels real weird and confusin
see mnemonics in Google.

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