Can someone provide me with a list of the weekday that January 1st fell on from 1487 to 1550?

Question:I also find it really confusing from these two sites:

One says that January the 1st fell on a Saturday and the other on a Friday! What is going on?

I also calculated myself that it should fall on a Friday, but would Wikipedia be wrong? That is what I am unsure of.

Relating to my first question, is there any way to determine which weekday the 1st of January will fall on for any year?

Thank you for your help!

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My research using a perpetual calendar placed 1.1.1487 on a Saturday. The only way that it would make sense for the dates to read otherwise would be that someone made a change in the manner of counting after that date. The usage of a perpetual calendar is probably the best way to determine which weekdays any day has or will fall on.
1515 - King Francis I of France succeeds to the French throne.
1511 - Henry born, Duke of Cornwall (d. 1511)
1516 - Margaret Leijonhufvud born, Queen of Gustav I of Sweden (d. 1551)
1515 - King Louis XII of France died (b. 1462)
Just find one of those 'World Almanacs' and look at the Perpetual Calendar they all have.Very easy to use and even a little fun.ever wonder what day of the week an event was? Look there.

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