Can anyone give me trivias on the egyptian pyramids?

They are arranged in the pattern of the constellation Orion.
The Pyramids of Egypt, were among the largest constructions ever built, constitute one of the most potent and enduring symbols of Ancient Egyptian civilization. It is generally accepted by most archaeologists that they were constructed as burial monuments associated with royal solar and stellar cults[citation needed], and most were built during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods.
#1 When a Japanese team was measuring the pyramids, they found after making all the measurements, that the pyramids incorporated Pi to the 8th digit, "proving" the ancient Egyptians were more advanced than thought. This also was used as a "disproof" of the Bible as there is a description of a urn in the bible that uses 3 as Pi. How could the Bible be divinely inspired yet be so inaccurate when even the Egyptians knew better.

But then it was realized that how measurements were done influenced the outcome. The Japanese used a measuring wheel to get the distances and probably so did the Egyptians. Even without knowing what Pi was, it was incorporated into all the measurements due to the revolving wheel. The Japanese felt pretty stupid and so did those who used original Japanese conclusions in condemning the Bible.

#2. The pyramids were finished off with a nice smooth outer layer of stone. Most of that stone was removed by the Muslims to make their mosques in Egypt. Only a small amount remains on top of one of the pyramids. So based upon volume and weight, that means that when it comes to the tombs of the Egyptians, they have done the most damage.

#3. Considering what the Muslims did to statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, it is quite possible many of the statues in Egypt were damaged or destroyed by Muslims in centuries gone by. The story of Egyptian soldiers shooting the nose off the Sphynx with a cannon are untrue, it had come off years earlier.

#4. There is a pyramid in Wyoming called the Ames Monument. A favorite place for kids from Cheyenne to hang out and drink.
One of the pyramids (built before the famous pyramids at Giza) was bent! Due to a designing error, they had to repeatedly decrease the slope of the sides.
the pyramids of egypt were built with the use of forced labor or slave labor. unlike the rice terraces in the philippines that were built by community effort. which of the two do you think is more admirable?
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