Can you name any Crazy Monarchs?

Question:Any crazy monarchs that you can think of?

Nero, Qin Shi Huangti, Catherine the Great, just to name some.

and also explain why they were considered "crazy"

"Craziest" Monarch gets 10 points!

Thanks Kindly

Besides Queen Hillary?
Nabonidus of Babylon (+539 BC) the King who ate grass and imagined he was a goat.

You can find many more stupids in link given below.
King George III of England, but I forget why he was crazy. I just know they made a movie about it
King Henry VIII
He has six different wives, and beheaded two of them. Here's what happened to each of them:
divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.

Three of them were named Catherine.

He actually pulled England away from the Pope, (basically said screw you, Pope) and create his own Church of England, just so that he could divorce his wife and marry one of his servants. He got pissed at her when she didn't give him a male heir and beheaded her. He claimed she had commited treason against England by commiting adultery and sleeping with other men (which wasn't true). He tortured men into saying she'd slept with her (including her own BROTHER!), just so he could kill her and pick another wife The third wife he loved, and she gave him a son, but she died of some disease. He then ended up with some random girl from another country and they were married for like 2 seconds before they hated each other and got divorced. The fifth wife he got annoyed at for some reason, and beheaded her too. The 6th wife he never really liked, but hadn't gotten around to killing when he died, so she outlived him.

Is that crazy enough for you?
My vote goes to King Canute. He sat in his chair at the waters
edge and commanded the tide not to come in and wet his feet.

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