Ben was born on nov.24,1983. david was born on may 28, many days were there between their birthdates?

Answers:'re really going to make me work for my two points, aren't you?? :-) goes...

6 days left in November and 31 in Dec...that makes 37.
16 years left in the 20th century, but 4 of them are leap (16 x 365 + 4 = 5,844)

984 years into the 2000's, and 246 would be leap years...BUT...2100, 2200, 2300, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2900 are NOT leap years.

984 x 365 +239 = 359,399

4 months into the year makes 121 days, plus 27 makes 148.

148 + 359,399 + 5,844 + 37 = 365,428 days...

which is exactly how long it took me to figure this problem out!! :-)
David is not born yet.
oh boy!!

well i'm not gonna try that so lets jst say tht david isnt born yet, easy two pts.!
I'm going to cheat and agree with scarletcub11 it looks like he's probably correct.

Answer = 365,428 days.
depends on if its a leap year to get the exact number...since you are only talking about DATES it would be about 180 something days.
ok here, between nov. 24, 1983 and may 28, 1984.

6 days left in November
31 days in December, so 37.
31 days in January, so 68.
28 days in February, so 96.
31 days in March, so 127.
30 days in April, so 157.
28 days until may 28, so 185.

There ya go!

There are 185 days between Ben's Birthday and Davids birthday.
Whether it's 1984 or 2984, scarletcub deserves best answer! It was your mistake, and an inexcusable one.

Far too many people don't bother to proofread their questions and check them for accuracy before submitting. This is an excellent example of how important that step is.

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