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Question:If johnny drops a steel ball into a lake when the water is 20 degrees will it fall faster or slower than water at 40 degrees? Why?

Assuming Farenhiet. This will depends on how long the water has been 20 degrees. If it has been awhile.. then said water will be very solid and not go very far past the frozen surface.

However, no matter the water temp, the ball will drop at the same rate from his hands to the surface.
slower, water is frozen at 20 degrees, therefore the ball won't fall, it'll just stop. at 40, it is just cold.
i think that it is becasue it is colder so it would be slower i dont know! i think it is. i hope i helped even a little..
Wouldn't it bounce?
I'm thinking faster. When objects are hot, atoms are more spread out. If they're cold, then I would imagine the atoms are more tightly knit, concentrating a more solid matter and possibly heavier.
it will go slower becuase that ball is heavy
Are you referring to 20 & 40 degrees Celcius or Farenheit?

It would make an enormous difference to the outcome.
The water may be in freeze stages at 20 degrees and could even not penetrate the surface at all
Degrees F or Degrees C?
Since the water is 20 degrees, the lake is frozen (32 degrees F is the freezing point for water). Therefore, it'll just slam on the frozen water. Water at 40 degrees F is still in liquid form, so the ball will sink and definitely go faster than the ball against the frozen lake.
Balls don't fall in water, they float. That is a trick question.
At 40 degrees C (instead of 20 degrees C) two things make the steel ball fall faster through the water.

1. The water is less dense, so the ball has less buoyancy to offset its weight.

2. The water is less viscous, so the ball has less resistance to overcome.

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