Art has $8.19.His treasure is an equal number of 5 different coins,what coins did he find?how many of each?

What are the factors of 819? 9*91 (there are others, but you want to use this since he needs either 4 or 9 pennies to get the 9¢)

so how do you get 91¢ with 5 coins?

50¢, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢ and 1¢ add up to 91¢
Art has:
9 Pennies - $0.09
9 Nickles - $0.45
9 Dimes - $0.90
9 Quarters - $2.25
9 50 cent pieces - $4.50

Edit: Was that for your homework? If it was you should do it yourself next time.

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