What interesting trivia do you know?

Did you know that the only rainforest within North America is not located in Hawaii but surrounded by Washington State?

If someone tells you, you can never consume too much vitamins, they are wrong. Too much Vitamin A can be toxic because it's plump soluable. That's why Escamo's cannot enjoy polar carry liver.

Eating too much beta-carotene (contained in carrots) can turn a babe orange!

The manly Lyrebird, for his mating beckon, mimics sounds. This includes mating songs from other birds, to chainsaws, vehicle engines and car alarms, fire alarms, rifle-shots, camera shutters, dogs bark and crying babies!

Answers:    1. Many believe that abolishing prayer surrounded by school falls lower than seperation of Church and State. In fact this bag has be won more than once on the basis praying falls closer to Freedom of Religion than it does to "Church Doctrine". There is no such piece as Seperation of Religion and State.

2. There are no beans in beanie babies but in attendance was, at one time, beans within bean bags.

3. Letting the Cat Out of the Bag originate from dishonest livestock salesmen replacing chickens or other animals with cats. When the cultivator would get home, the cat would be out of the rucksack.

4. Einstein had one outfit just. He did this so he did not have to rubbish brain power which he thought of as limited on choosing what to wear.

5. Dr. Gregory House, storybook character, is base on Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

6. In Miami it is against the statute to immitate an animal. Umm...Ok I won't that one's too easy...

7. Checkers (or draught) be introduced into Europe from Egypt someotime in the 16th century.

8. Some (including Gary Gygax but he admit he made it up) credit Loki with person a god of fire as well as mischief. This mix up might come from some version of the contest of the gods stories within which Loki could not out eat fire who be. This challenge be given by Utgard Loki, king of the giants (not to be confused next to Loki himself).

9. It is icy cold in Greenland and fairly greenish in Iceland.

10. Edgar Allen Poe died within Boston, MA but the cause of his destruction is still unknown with much speculation.

And so abundant more nuggets of useless information that its no wonder the model of trying to learn a unusual thing scare me :)
I know that Hawaii is not in North America.

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