4What year (use numeral) was Tim McGraw born?

Question:1You can visit the Charles Darwin Research station on the “Voyage ______________Cruise”.
Country 105 is proud to be a sponsor of the CIBC Run for The Cure for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Come back weekly for a new Run for The Cure question. How many people participated in last year's Run across Canada? 3What is the last item under Hot Deals?5This Scarborough native was the first Canadian to win Toronto's Indy-car race, in 1993. Who is he?6Our Lees spokes-pet is featured in The Muddiest Buddies book. If you wish to purchase this delightful book and contribute to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, please visit Kensington Carpet One Floor & Home located at 1221 Kensington Road NW. What is the name of our Lees spoke-pet?7The Lyric Theatre, an open-air stage in Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park is funded as a tribute to whose parents?8The Seattle Super Sonics recently named a new head coach. What is his name?

1967 is the correct answer for the radio trivia.
1st of May, 1967
1967 Is the correct answer for the radio trivia..
1967 works for radio trivia
1967 is the answer.
1967 work for trivia!

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