A little goes a long way.?

Question:Did you know that in a jacuzzi tub, bubble bath multiplies FAST? lol

Lmao Aaaaargh it's the bubble monster. Wait a minute... let's make a Godzilla movie, who loks good in a sily rubber dinosaur suit?
yeah, i found that out in my jacuzzi bath!
Yes very fast, we have a jacuzzi bath and the bubbles are sometimes bigger than the water.
Hi there!
If only you had told me this a few weeks ago, i wouldn't have been chased halfway out of a bathroom by mad bubbles!
Cheers, Steve.
If you pass gas , no one can tell who did it
Not faster than I can bail it out into the bath though.....
Awesome! You think it would work better in a jacuzzi. I'm going go try that.

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