Did you know that???

Question:gullible is not in the dictionary????

If we look it up and its in there are you gonna call us gullible?
lol! I'm not that gullible! but i was about to check it out!!

zzz... gullible...hmmm... beer... zzz...
Ya i know that.
sure? gullible? you using the cambridge or the oxford version?
Does it make you gullible if you run to the bookshelf to check it out?
yes I know
Good one! Numpty
WHAT REALLY?! Im not that gullible lol good one :-D
the reason being he`s a character from a book and they don`t put proper names in dictionaries
Well actually, I hate to prove you wrong, but if you follow this link:
I think that you will indeed find that it is in the dictionary. Maybe you don't have a very good dictionary, or your dictionary is a little out of date?
If there are any other words you would like further assistance with, do let me know and I will be happy to help.
HA HA HA - first time I heard that one, I laughed so hard I kicked the slats out of my cradle.
Oh right. I know LEO61 isn't in the dictionary...
easily tricked or fooled.

It is in my dictionary. Maybe you lost a page.
Hey Mr leo61, you WILL find it in any dictionary! It's between dumb & silly!!

If your other half is looking for sympathy, tell them it's also in the dictionary between s**t & syphillis!!
Really? Can you lick your elbow as well?
Gullible is. I am not.
Lame is. You are.

easily deceived or cheated

oh yes it is
nearly got me then!!!!
Are you sure. I am goin to check right now.
If you want sympathy its in the dictionary between "sh*t" and "syphillis".
YES it Is in the Dictionary.

Check again : )
How do you know that? Unless you were gullible enough to buy a dictionary that did not include it.

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