1st person gets the points,it's mutiple choice so geuss unless you know?

Question:Which of the following functions is most likely to be affected by a blow to the back of the head?
(1) taste
(2) vision
(3) heart rate
(4) hearing
(5) leg movement

(2) vision
5 if it causes a concussion or spinal cord damage. To the back of the head, most likely there will be spinal cord damage if the blow is hard enough.
Leg movement
I'll go for (1)(2)(3)(4) & (5) each way please.
I think it is all of them
#3 The medulla oblongata and its at the back of the head and it

* Controls Autonomic Functions.
* Relays Nerve Signals Between the Brain and Spinal Cord.
(2) vision
#1 taste
i think it is your vision.
All of the above !

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