Crossword puzzle?

Question:i am making a crossword puzzle about ancient egypt

any words a could use?

Hieroglyphics, Tutankhamen, Mummy, Sphinx, Remains, Desert, Artifacts, Sandals, Gold, Treasure, Mask, sarcophagus, Pyramid, Valley, Entrance, Vault, Tomb,
you could use PHARAOH, names of pharaohs, and PYRAMID
Here are a few more

Nile, Cleopatra, Asp, Ramses, Sphinx, Chariot, Alexandria, Memphis, Thebes, Luxor, Ra, Osiris, Isis
pyramids, sand, nile river, cleopatra, pharaoh
aga, i think.
that's about it for me. those are the two i see in crosswords about different countries.

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