Does anyone know how to shake their eyes?

Question:my friend can do it but she says she taught herself and she wont tell me how to do it..any hints?

you have to be born with the ability, we covered that in health last year and by the way i can but i only kno one other person that can
I guess the only thing I can say is, "What do you mean by 'shake your eyes', and then, why would you want to do it?"
well you have to be in control of the nerves near your eyes, otherwise you can't. Some people have control, most people don't
you have to have control of your veins connected to your eyes,but if you can shake you'r eyes then that is awesome,but i can't shake mine
I can but I figured out by accident lol. go hit your head on a piece of playground equipment...thats how i figured it out
who really cares? i dont

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