Can you solve this quick teaser?

Question:You have a fuse that is 10 feet long. You know that this fuse burns at a rate of 1 foot per minute. How can you burn the entire fuse in 5 minutes?

start half way down
fold the fuse in half
Burn both ends at the same time. :)
burn it in the middle
Burn it from both ends...
start it in the middle
Throw the fuse into an already made fire...That should get rid of the fuse in no time! :P
Fold the fuse and burn the 2 ends? Or you can start from the middle.
start from the middle or fold it in half and start
half is gone in five minutes and the other half in another five making it ten minutes total to burn the fuse.
Light both ends at the same time!
You burn both ends at the same time! ^.^
you go girl with your trivia question, but i would have to say burn each side at the same time.
Light both ends

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