Question:Whats the most expensive gemstone in the world? Inexpensive?

I need this for a poem Im doing :)

I don't believe there is a specific answer to this question. Any gemstone, including diamonds and pearls, will vary widely in price depending on quality: cut, color, and clarity. Diamonds are typically considered the most precious, and on the other end maybe topaz. But again, there are some pretty expensive, rare types of topaz, and a lot of flawed cheap diamonds around these days. It's hard to say.
Burmese ruby can cost up to 30,000 a carat so i would say that would be the most expensive and cubic zirconia maybe the most inexpensive
Most expensive, diamond. Least expensive, turquoise.
The most expensive gemstone in the world is a diamond. I think the inexpensive is a cubic zirconia.

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