A can of orange juice concentrate holds 12 ounces. if you mix it with 3 cans of water, how big a pitcher do uo

Question:i dont understand the problem

a 12 ounce can of concentrate + 3 12 ounce cans of water equals 4 total 12 ounce cans. 4 times 12 ounces is the same as 4x12 = 48. You need a 48 ounce pitcher (3 pints or 1.5 quarts) to hold it all (though you should get a bigger pitcher or it will spill when you move it. :)
My guess is that you need a pitcher that will hold at least 48 ounces - bigger really if you want to stir the juice!
you will end up with 48 ounces of liquid (12 original ounces, plus the can filled three more times with water, 12+12+12)
48 oz is 1 1/2 quarts- most pitchers are of the 2 quart variety- plenty of room for stirring, etc
You need a 2 qt. pitcher, which holds 48 oz. (I believe it actually holds 60 oz. total so you have room for ice or stirring.)

Both Imaka and SAMMY are absolutely correct. The original 12 ounces of concentrate plus 3 12 ounce cans of water. The total is 12 + 36 or 48 ounces. As Imaka says, more if you want to stir but the problem is probably for a school assignment and therefore is theoretical so the desired answer is 48 ounces.
A gallon after I add the Vodka.
12 + (3 x 12) = 48 ounces minimum

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