A formula to work out the length of time to sing "x green bottles sitting on a wall" song?

Question:For example how many seconds does it take to sing "1000 green bottles sitting on a wall" all the way to zero. Or 10000, 100000, etc. A formula to work that out.

For the line

ninty nine bottles of pop on the wall, ninty nine bottles of pop, take one down, pass it around, ninty eight bottles of pop on the wall.

it takes 16 seconds. So, going off of that logic, I would say that it takes:

16*X= Y

So if I'm doing 34 bottles...

544 seconds! OOO!
What ever happened to counting "bottles of beer on the wall"?

Y x Z( to the power of (how bored or mental do I have to be to even think of this question never mind ask it)) = A (always being the number of people bored or mental enough to take the time to give a stupid enough answer for it)

it does throw up, however, a B now and again.

B = people that will actually grab their calculators and really try to work it out.

I dont know why that happens but, then again, I did fail A level math.
why ask? are you really that bored?

who wants sit there and sing a million green bottles on the wall?
Simply sing to yourself one round of "X green bottles sitting on a wall', time it and times that number (of seconds) by 1000 to see how many seconds it works out at.

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