Did anyone know that 2012 a Comet will destroy the earth unless everybody can come together in time to stop it

Question:So I guess the real question is do we have time to get people to stop hating and start loving one another and to enlighten everyone to their true potential. For little is it known but the human being is indeed a special creature capable of Godlike Potential. So what I AM Saying is if man could be taught how to cure himself of any disease also to teleport to any location instantaneously making the world a much smaller place and universe for thet matter. Could Man put down hate and pick up love, knowing that he has these powers and seeing his true self will he continue to destroy himself and his planet or will he embrace love and stop the looming disaster thru combined mind power alone. I for one think he can make his stand and that he doesn't have to go down at each others throats but can stand and not fall. I think he as one race can deflect the comet so as it passes safely by instead of destroying us once and for all. All the weapons of mass destruction wont work do u think this will?

Man could do all that, but I don;t think we have reached that place wher we truly want to
wtf? get a grip mate
haha i was told that was going to happen
What kind of drugs are you taking? Can I have some?
hmm. maybe. but i dont really understand how by man putting down hate and picking up love is going to stop a comet from hitting the earth. maybe if we do that we will love eachother more when the comet fucks us over, but love is not going to deflect a comet.
Um, I'm sorry to say this, but your comment is completely false. It would be nice to have everyone together, but there are too many differences in the world for all of us to get along. If only it was possible.
Come together to stop it? Like by forming a 6-billion-person big human shield?
That's OK. Half of us will be on the moon colony by then, or in those damned hover cars we were promised in the '50s. those bastards.
December 22, 2012
The Mayans (I think) had predicted so, and most of their discoveries were right, such as their calanders, etc.
I dont think that coming together would stop it, but neither do i really believe that it is going to kill us.
2012 is marked by various sources as a year of new things - new changes in consciousness, changes in society, the end of the old and the beginning of the new. The comet is an astrological sign that is interpreted to mark that 'coming change'. Youre getting freaked out over nothing - have you even read more than one source's worth of information on this subject?
My dad would love this question. He loves stuff like this.
No, we won't, because mankind is stupid. Thanks for two points.
The world was supposed to end in the 70's according to the Mormons, and in 1988 according to some other weirdo, and again in 1999, according to several groups of weirdos, 2012 say the Mayans, 2018 say some other groups, 2030-something according to someone else.

The fact is, no one really knows. And if a comet is going to hit the Earth, how the heck would we stop it? Have everyone hold hands and pray?

There's more bull in that story than at a dude ranch.

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