! Conundrums ! Really good !?

Question:1:) Ian and Silvia were found dead on the floor. The only clues are broken glass and water on the floor. What happened?

2:) A man died with a hole in his suit. There is no visible blood. How did he die?

3:) There was a man who was afraid to go home because of a masked man. Who was the masked man?

4:) The woman arrived at the hotel and immediately knew that she was bankrupt. Why ?

5:) A man walked into a restaurant and asked for a drink of water. The waiter suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. A few seconds elapsed. Then the man smiled, thanked the waiter, and left. What happened?

6:) A doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer were in a house. A police officer walking by heard, “Oh no, John, don’t!” and then a shot. The police officer went into the house and saw a dead woman and gun laying on the floor. He turned to the lawyer and said, “You’re under arrest.” How did the police officer know?

They are dead fish.

A spacesuit ? Diving suit ?

no idea

The man had hiccoughs.

The other was also a woman ?
1. They were fish, the fish tank broke.

2. He was a scuba diver? Or some other profession with the air in the suit.

3. Himself? I can't get this one!

4. She owned/lived in the hotel and it was on fire.

5. It was a squirt gun.

6. The lawyer was the only man. There was a woman on the floor and a woman's voice saying, "Oh no, John, don't!"
1. Ian and Sylvia were fish. Their fishbowl had fallen to the floor and it broke.
2. The man was an astronaut working outside his spaceship.
3. It was a baseball game. The man was a baserunner and the masked man was the catcher with the ball.
4. The woman owned the hotel and there were no guests registered to stay there.
5. The man had hiccups, which is why he wanted the water. The waiter startled him by pulling the gun. When the man realized his hiccups were gone, he thanked the waiter for scaring him.
6.The doctor and the engineer were both women. The lawyer was the only man in the room, and, presumably, the only person in the room named John.
1. They are both fish and the bowl broke

2. Space suit

3. The catcher, who probably has the ball to tag him out

4. She was playing Monopoly

5. He had the hiccups

6. The doctor and the engineer were women

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