10 pts first right answer: What does the hot air balloon say on The Wizard of Oz?

Question:It's at the end, when Dorothy misses her ride in the hot air balloon, the show a shot of the whole balloon. What does it say?

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Since one of the meanings of "say" is Have or contain a certain wording or form, what it "says" can have the interpretation of the words written. Now if the question asked what did it SPEAK.well, that would be different.
Nothing it can't speak!
On the balloon are printed the words;
Let's see, now: "Surrender, Dorothy!" No, wait, that's
what the Wicked Witch of the West wrote in the sky,
with her broom stick.
Ah. Right. Of course. It says: "Go away, and come
back tomorrow!" No. That's what the doorman at
Emerald City told Dorothy and her friends.
Oh. Here we go: "Follow the yellow brick road."
Wrong again? Darn.
Well, how about: "Ding, dong. The witch is dead."
No. That's what the Munchkins sang.

Okay, enough fooling around. Admit it: this is a
trick question!
Here's one for you--and it's not a "trick" question.
The original movie of "The Wizard of Oz" was a
silent film. Who played the Tin Man?
State fair - Omaha

On the inside tag it says "made in USA"

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