Five dollar bill?

Question:Does anybody know where the hidden images are on the five dollar bill? A car at the end of a street with people? Please no rude answers

I know there was a car on the TEN dollar bill. (at least on the old design ... not sure if it's still there on the new ones). The back of the bill showed the US Treasury building ... the car is parked on the street next to the building.
Canadian or American?
The only thing I can find is stuff about state names being listed on the back of a $5, nothing about hidden images though. The are releasing a new version of the $5 bill soon though, like next month. It would be odd for them to hide a car and people on the bill anyway, that's kind out of step with the rest of the design. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
there is another picture of lincoln and a water mark line in it
and there is no picture of a car and people in it ,that might be on the 2.00 bill but not the five .

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