Can anybody tell exactly where i am at this very minute?

Question:(i am referring to my geographical location. example: tokyo, japan)

helsinki Finland
sacramento, california.
just kidding, i have no idea.
San Fransisco, California
i can't the nsa can
your home in Tokyo Japan
hmm...Salem, Oregon? Redondo Beach, California? Orlando, Florida? That's all I got.
Exactly at the same place where you want others not to see you.
sitting on a Timbaktu..
Uh somewhere on Earth... You really have nothing better to do. Seriously, go get a life, rather than sitting in front of your computer to ask stupid questions.
you are where you should be at this moment. Its your destiny. Dont you believe in destiny?
Northeastern USA, in a medium to large city. Limited exposure to rural settings...possibly a brown eyed only child.
kalamazoo michigan.right next to the burger king elvis works at.
Boise Idaho
Reykjavik - the capital city of Iceland.
You are sitting at your computer- typing this question into
you are living in the country you are supposed to live in
Maybe sitting in the toilet in Tokyo, Japan.
Москва́-Moscow, Russia. Sitting on a sofa watching reruns of 60's American sit-coms and sipping homemade Vodka. Tovarich comrade!!
Your house
Man, you need a hobby!
barstow california ,just down the road from sacramento california .
Yes, you can.
In a snow cave near the top of Mt. Everest.
on earth

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