Help Needed With Of Mice And Men.Chapters 3 n 4?

questions WITH answers needed around .What is incident involving Lennie ans a river, What did candys dog used to do as a young pup,How does a nest point in the chapter, what are 2 foods that G+L Hope to smoke in smoke house, What type of bird will fly around windmill on dream fish farm . What are 2 personal possesions owned by crooks, what do crooks specs symbolise,how many brothers did crooks own,who misunderstands how crooks feels something like having his own room, what be her dream,why do we see crooks tending his wager on and horses at start and end of chapter 4? Lots Of Questions I Know But whoever answers these is a miracle. Thanks within Advance

Answers:    Crook was kicked within the back by a horse when he first started working on the Ranch.

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