ARGENTINA QUESTIONS (I'll only choose the best answer of someone who answers TODAY *8/30/07*)?

Question:Here's a little test for you. See if you can answer this question.

1Q: The Iguazu Falls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. How much bigger (wider) are the Iguazu Falls compared to the Niagra Falls located on the border between the continental United States and Canada?

Great job, if you can answer this. Now, here are two more questions, but they should be easier because they're TRUE OR FALSE questions!

2Q: Argentina has a famous drink that is made of holly leaves. Families gather around a table with special mugs and drink it together. The drink's name is mate` and it is a Paraguayan tea. True or False?

3Q: There is a very popular cookie in Argentina. It sometimes topped with powdered sugar/chocolate and there is dulce de leche (similar to caramel) on the bottom of the cookie. The cookie is called an alfajor or alfajores if it's plural. True or false?

It's a shame you'll only give best answer to someone who answers on the 30th of August.

Because it's already 11.30 am on the 31st of August where I live.

1. The Iguazu falls are 60 feet higher than Niagara and about one and a half times as wide.
Eleanor Roosevelt is said to have exclaimed on first seeing these falls: "Poor Niagara! This makes Niagara look like a kitchen faucet."

2. True.
People of South America have their own way of body cleansing-it is a Mate Folium drink or Paraguayan tea.

3. True.
Alfajores (Al-fa-ho-res) are a South American type of Shortbread Cookies. These delicious cookies can trace their origin back to the Moorish occupation of Andalusia, Spain and the great culinary traditions of the Mediterranean Basin.
1. My guess would be 3 or 4 times wider.
2. True.
3. True.
I've been from Ushuaia to B.A. and loved it!
!.Iguazu Falls(the Horseshoe) has a span of 2300 ft and is 490 ft high
Niagra Falls (the Horseshoe) has a span of 2600 ft but is only 170 ft in heigth. Iguazu Falls is 320 ft higher than Niagra but 300 ft shorter in width.
3. True

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