Another trivial question... they say if u get this right u are capable of being a serial killer.. scary?

Question:a woman meets a man at her mothers funeral, she falls for him, but never sees him again. a week later, she kills her sister. why? wat is her motive?

The poor woman is delusional and allso schizophrenic and suffering from split personality disorder.At her mothers funeral she met the personality,that happens to be male. The male is the strongest of the many personalities and is not attracted to her ( herself the woman ) and the woman is determined to meet him again. She not only sees him again, but kills her own sister because the other personality, the male likes the sister who is the complete opposite of the woman, ( quiet, reserved, pretty and no mental illness.)The man ( her other personality, ) tells the sister he would like to meet the sister, he wants to take her out to dinner. The woman gets in a jealous rage, and kills her own sister over the man, ( her other personality) whom is attracted to the quiet and more reserved of the two sisters. ( Also the sister who is not menatally ill.)
The mentally ill womann blames herself for her mother's death, ( the mother kept the daughter at home out of the state hospital she should have been in untill she became too ill to care for her anymore. The mother died of ill health, and the sister blamed her mothers death on her sister for causing her to have a stroke. The other sister was trying to convince the mother that her sister was mentally distrubed and needed medical help that only the state hospital could provide.
The woman killed her own sister, not only because she was jealous of the attentions she ( the male personality ) was giving the other sister, but because the other sister was older and would become the heir to the mothers estate and it would be up to her to have her sister committed to the State Psychiatric Hospital.
So he will attend that funeral too and she can see him again. I don't think I am capable of being a serial killer, I have just heard this before.
she wants to see the man again bc he worked the funeral??
how should i kno./?
because he showed up for the funeral of one family member she was thinking he might come again to her sisters funeral...
because she's hoping he'll go to that funeral too, if he went to the mother's.
She hoped to see the guy at another family funeral.

But I really don't think this makes us capable of being serial killers! debunks the idea that this will reveal a serial killer as a myth. answer the question, her motive is to see the man again, and that is the easiest way she can do it.
All of those are wrong. She killed her because she found out she was banging that dude. But she wanted to. Now if she banged him she would get gonorrhea. So being all pissed off she killed her sister.
Simply being human makes us all capable of being serial killers. That's the first trait. I think being able to answer this question shows the ability to be a detective. Someone who thinks like a killer would have stalked him and followed him around for a while, getting familiar with the prey..beginning to savor the hunt, romancing luring methods...

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