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Question:this story takes place int he 1800's. A man had to go to the city to get certain things for his family. He left on friday morning. He stayed for 3 days and left on Friday. How is this possible?

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His horse was called Friday!
He rode in on a horse named Friday.
the horse's name was friday!!
It takes him 2 days to get to the city.
His horses name is Friday.
His horse's name was Friday. :]
he named w/e he left in Friday
his horse on the way back home was called friday
the form of transportation he was using was named friday. =]
He went to Russia. The difference between the use of starting in the Gregorian calendar and going to the Julian calendar would make both days Friday.

"He left on Friday morning" doesn't sound like his horse.
it took him 4 days travel time to get to the city
The "Friday" he left on wasn't the day but the name of the horse he was riding!
He left home on Friday after his three day stay?
his horse was named friday, practically everyone knows that one
He left and came in a different time zone.
he left the next friday of course :) Silly willy!

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