Again a riddle need answer?

Question:What relation would your father's sister's sister-in-law be to you?

Could be your Mom
your aunt. atleast i think.
a three cornered relative. you arent realted. but 9 times out of 10 if you have a family reunion they'll come too.
If the sister only has one brother (i.e. your father), then the sister-in-law is your mother. If the sister has more than one brother, then the sister-in-law would be an aunt.
It would be my mum!!!!
in order for your father to have a sister-in-law,he would have to be married to your mother,legally that is,your mothers sister,would be his sister-in-law,thus,your aunt.
if you were born out of wedlock,i haven't a clue.
Aunt in law
It could either be your mother, your aunt, or your uncle's sister.
My auntie...
It could be your mother, your aunt, or nothing.

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