Do you know green day? take this quiz!?


1. what is Tre Cool's real name?
2.which green day member is currently married?
3.which green day album is the latest one?
4. what were they called before they became green day?
5. what is billie joe's natural hair color?
6. which green day member is the youngest?
7. which member, at one point, died their hair green?
8. only one member of green day finished highschool. which one?
9. you never see any tatoos on tre cool in photos. does he have any?
10. what is the name of this song by green day:

i'm the son of rage and love
from the bible of none of the above
on a steady diet of soda pop and ritalin

11. (bonus) when did billie joe and mike meet tre and what band was tre playing in at the time?

of you'd like to know the answers, email me at and i willgive oyu the answers.


1. Frank Edwin Wright the Third
2. Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead vocal)
3. Bullet In The Bible, but their song "the saints are coming" is on U2:18 SINGLES
4. Sweet Children (Ironic of course)
5. Reddish Brown
6. Tre (I know the dates by heart)
7. Billie Joe (I have that pic) AND tre
8. Tre because Billie and Mike went in the same school
11. 1990 OR IS IT 1991
The Lookouts or something like that
1)Frank Edwin Wright 3
2)Billie Joe Armstrong
3)American Idiot (Instant Karma is a compilation)
4)Sweet Children
5)Reddish Brown
6)Tre Cool
7)Tre Cool
8)Mike Dirnt
9)Hes got ONE in his *** (for Mike Dirnt)
10)Jesus Of Suburbia
11)Green Day met Tre cool in 1990/91 when he was in a band by alrry livermore THE LOOKOUTS.

Woo easy peesy :D
1)frank edwin wright 3rd
2)billie joe armstrong
3)american idiot (but they had a live DVD called bullet in the bible and they had a single with u2 and a single (working class hero) from instant karma but i don't know if they count)
4)sweet children
5) reddish brown
6)tre cool
7)tre cool
8) mike dirnt
9)yes he has two,
10)Jesus of suburbia
11)in 1990 i think and he was in the band the lookouts
this is easy...i think...if i get some wrong then im not remembering correctly but i SHOULD be able to know all of these...
1. Frank Edwin Wright III
2.Billie Joe Armstrong (to A. Nesser, they have 2 kids now)
3. American Idiot, unless u count Bullet in a Bible as an album, then it's BIAB, or if ur counting Instant Karma as an album...
4.Sweet Children (there's also a song by them called Sweet Children...i think it's on Kerplunk)
5. Brownish-Reddish-ish hahaha!
6.Tre Cool (December 9th,1972)
7. TRE! (gotta luv the green!)
8. Mike, and completed a course @ College too!
9. Yes, he has 2 done by a famous artist who's name suddenly escapes me (name begins w/ B?) : A girl holding a baloon heart, and a TV that's thrown out of a window. it has been thought that he has recently gotten some American Idiot logos...
10. Jesus Of Suburbia
11. i think 1990 or 1991...they met him @ a concert.Tre' was in The Lookouts @ the time.

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