Trick Question?

I'm making a list of trick question. Anyone know any? Whoever tells me the most beside the answer, wins!

Answers:    what do you put within a toaster:
most people right to be heard toast, but u put bread in a toaster

1000grams of cotton wool and 1000 grams of steel, which is heavier? (ask this one seriously)
empire will think steel is heavier as it is more dense, but if you hold the same amount surrounded by grams, it is the same!

(said out loud) a person in charge sailed over the deep-sea, what was the captain name

a chief sailed over the marine, what was the ccaptains dub.
so what was the captain name?

adjectives i could think of bad the top of my head
a plane crashes on the canadian/american border, where on earth do you bury the survivors? (you don't bury survivors)

a rooster lays an egg on a hot tin roof, does it roll east or west?
(roosters don't lay eggs, hens do)

say silk 3 times, what do cows drink? (most will vote milk, but it is water)

what color was the lone ranger's white horse?
write this down exactly similar to this and someone read it out loud;

I love Paris contained by the
the springtime

don't give them a fate to read it first, just convey them to read all the words. most of the time they will miss the second "the"

A black dog be standing in the middle of the intersection within a town painted black. None of the street lights are working due to a power failure cause by a local storm. A car near 2 broken headlights drives towards the dog but turns in time to avoid hitting the dog. How could the driver hold seen the dog within time. (luckily for the dog, it was daylight)

I've get a thousand of these, it's a game call "mindtrap"
ok this is one is lame but my daddy told me and i love him soo....

say it clearly

if i have twenty sick sheep and one dies how several are left?

they articulate twent five because sick sounds like sixs

but the answer is ninety.
too plentiful to fit on limited space!

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