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Question:Would you consider yourself a packrat? Are you a collector of miscellaneous useless objects? <-- (

explain why- person with the longest saved item or the worst case gets the 10pts!!...

I'm not, but my aunt sure was. when she died and we had to clean out her house, she had every letter ever written to her, some were dated back to the 1930's. there were also sewing patterns from the 60's, old clothes form the 50's and 60's, most of this junk was moth and rat eaten, but she would not let us clean up for her, saying someone would get some use from it someday. when she died, we hired a garbage company to come out and drop off boxes 8' wide X 20 long X about 7' deep. we filled 6. now thats a pack rat
no i ain`t
I collect stuff
I used to be very bad at holding onto things. But have gotten better. I have my baby blanket I've had since I was born. It is torn to shreds but still sits in the corner of the bed. My father is the worst holding onto a RV that is older then I am they used to take trips in. The thing doesn't run, takes up the driveway and is now taken over by bees and squirrels. Sentimental I guess?
i still hav the bracelets they put on me at the hospital when i was born...
just like everyone else i have my birthday suit

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