What is the national quit smoking afternoon?

Does anyone on here know what date the quit smoking day is? I deduce it might be called Smoke Out. Not sure.

Answers:    Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

No Smoking Day is an annual strength awareness campaign that help smokers that want to stop. The first No Smoking Day was on Ash Wednesday surrounded by 1984 and it now take place on the second Wednesday in March. The solicit votes is now surrounded by its 24th year and is a firm fixture in the UK calendar because of its continuing nouns. On No Smoking Day 2006 1.5 million smokers made a quit attempt and millions more used the Day to take a step towards stopping smoking.

The electioneer is run by a charity of the same cross, which is based within London and has four full-time staff. The charity is funded by a coalition of governmental and voluntary sector organisations next to an interest in robustness.

The No Smoking Day charity has a deeply clear vision and mission:

To lessen tobacco related illness and passing

To support smokers who want to stop through providing an opportunity to do so, and highlighting the effective backing that is available

The Day's chief messages:
No Smoking Day is a good opportunity to stop
Smokers can bring back help when they want to stop
There are form and other benefits to stopping smoking
What the Day does:
Spurs smokers into action - millions took cog in NSD 2006
Appeals to smokers of adjectives types - whatever their age, sex or social conditions
Publicises and explains the help that smokers can draw from when they want to stop
Captures the attention of the media near lots of supportive TV, newspaper and radio coverage
What it doesn't do:
Try to force smokers to stop - it's for inhabitants who are already interested in doing something nearly their smoking
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