A person has six fingers in his hand, and his friends call him " Hanuman " can any body tell me why...?

Having six fingers on one hand, or even six toes on one foot, is called sexdactyly or hexadactyly, but I have no idea why the person would be called "hanuman". Are you sure that the name (Hanuman) has anything to do with the person's "gift"?

By the way, Hanuman is a divine entity in Hinduism.
im pretty sure he know who hanuman is and means it sarcastically...
Hanuman is the White Monkey from the Ramayana, a famous Hindu epic. Hanuman is a sort of clever sidekick for the main protagonist.

But I'm guessing that in this case they are suggesting that there friend is somehow less evolved and more monkey-like because he has six fingers.

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