Are you my mommy ? would you like to be ?

no and yes
no, why not, give us a hug! : )
I ain't no ones mummy! :)
Why do u want a mommy? email me
bin watchin too much Dr Who have we wee one?
Hell 2 already....
Twice over and LOVE it!!
im a mummy in a different way..i lost my two in miscarriage 10 weeks ago and my son 3 years ago aged 6 technically im still there mummy..i would love to bcome a mummy again.
yup--got 2 of them rug rats and i would'nt trade em for the world!
No and No. I couldn't imagine anything worse.
Egyptians made good mummies but I would not like to be one.(not yet anyway)
I'm a mommy. Best damn thing too!
id like to be =]
No got too many kids already.

Maybe your mama is a llama?
Are you a dingle dangle scarecrow with a flippy floppy hat? Then no, no further info needed.

And I'm definitely not yr mommy, anyway.

But I'll go for 2.
hmm...i'll have to think about that........

i'm back! ok, here are the records..ok,..nope, and since the first answer was nope, i'll say the second one will be..........
Sure, why not?

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