Do variety acts make a song and dance about it if they don't get performance related pay?

I think there'd be a chorus of disapproval if this were routine and they were left to juggle their wages to make ends meet.
No, because they have a trade union called 'Equity'

Nice one though, have a star.
If their pay reflects a comedy of errors then they may slap some stick on their boss
It`s no laughing matter, and they cancan kick up a fuss.
They must get to the Encore` of the problem first. Steps would be taken at every Stage, and they would Act fast to make sure they lived happily ever Bafta !
All the ones I've known can toot their own horn but have performance anxiety when you actually get em' in the spotlight, center stage They tip-toe around the issue, go through a whole routine, really do a number on ya but it's all an act. That's when I hand 'em their hat and give 'em the hook. It's curtains!

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