Aprox. what year did the neolithic people use slash and burn? Make sure that the approx. year is in B.C.E.!!

From as late as 63,000BCE in the case of the Aborigines who moved into Australia, until probably this year.
This year?
Well, maybe.
I believe there are still tribes in remote parts of the Amazon and Patagonia in South America who use stone tools and resort to slash and burn agriculture, but to suggest they are still 'neolithic' is to open up an argument.

If not, slash and burn was a method still used no more than 180 years ago by native people in British Columbia, and elsewhere, but they quickly adopted metal tools as they became available.

Slash and burn was used even if the culture had not yet arrived at the point of using agriculture, which came about somewhere around 8 to 9,000 BCE.
So there is no real way to say exactly when this practice began.

The aborigines used fire to clear off the land in Australia in order to promote the growth of certain types of plants, and this led to a complete alteration of the Australian environment over time. Almost all of Australia has been altered by fire, and many species went extinct because of the practice. Maybe there wasn't much slashing, but there was a lot of burning.

In the last few weeks the Spanish have been burning off a lot of fields to kill off an explosion in the vole population there.
But that's not quite slash and burn either. And the Spanish are definitely not 'neolithic.'

So the answer could well be "from before 63,000 BCE to after 1900CE," depending on what part of the world you're referring to.

If you're going to present that answer to your teacher or profs, you'd best be prepared to back up your statements when they object.
i think like 7000bc
Seems like I just spent forever researching your question, assuming you meant Neanderthals, and then assuming you meant B.C., neither of which I should do. So I'll just pass along two links the Encarta put out:



hope it helps
During the Neolithic Revolution, or "new stone age revolution" which included agricultural advancements, groups of prehistoric humans started domesticating various plants and animals, shifting from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle toward agriculture and pastoralism. The origins of domestication are not known. One theory is that it was mainly due to the end of the Ice Age (ie. about 9-11,000 years ago), resulting in the extinction of many of prehistoric man's game, such as the wooly mammoth. Due to this decrease in food from hunting, some groups started to turn to agriculture. Some groups could easily plant their seeds in open fields, but others had forests blocking their farming land. Since Neolithic times, slash and burn techniques have been widely used for converting forests into crop fields and pasture.[4] Fire was used before the Neolithic as well, and by hunter-gatherers up to present times. Clearings created by fire were made for many reasons, such as to draw game animals and to promote certain kinds of edible plants such as berries and mushrooms.
You are one clever human. Just been reading all the answers that some good people have put up for you. There is nothing like getting other people to do all that digging for you. There is nothing neolithic about your brain

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