Changing in a locker room?

Question:are you girls scared

Well, it's not only girls that get worried about changing in locker rooms. When I started changing for gym, I was afraid. When I got in there I noticed that no one really cares what's going on. They just want to get their gym clothes on/off. It's actually not as weird as you would think.
Nope, no one is looking at me so there is nothing to be scared of .
no i've done it it's not scary i mena it's a little weird but not scary to me...don't be scare
I remember being very scared. Don't worry honey, everyone just gets in there, changes, and gets out, and pays very little attention to one another because at first everyone is so shy.

By senior year we were all standing there in bras finishing our conversations about the latest drama. You'll see, it's not as bad as you think. :)
What do you mean by "scared"?
Just ignore my spy cam ladies. Nothing to be scared of here.
Everyone else is probably as worried as you are. You'll adjust very quickly, it's no big deal after you do it for a while, like your whole high school career!

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