Can you really?

Question:Throw a boomarang in a straight line?

Yes, you can. It is a weapon and mostly used in a straight line, the famous returning angle is used to attack flocks of birds in the hope of hitting one.
Cheers, Steve.
PS I had forgotten how to use a boomerang, but then it came back to me...
maybe, it always seems to curve when I thow one, but I imagine it can be done.
i dont know you should try first hand
only when u tie ur kangaroo down sport
Hmmm...that's an ab-original question.
I have been trying to throw one away for years.
I think it'd fly pretty straight if you threw it in a vacuum, eg in outer space. But you'd need someone waiting at the other end of the line to:
a) Verify the straightness of the flight path
b) Bring the boomerang back

WARNING: Do not try this at home
Because of the aerodynamic design of a boomerang (two connected wings) it will only fly straight for a little while, given initial velocity by your throw. Then the wing shape takes hold and changes the vector, making it curve up and to the left, or right depending on the wing shape. You can make one without the lift of the wings and it would fly straight, but like a country and western song lover, would leave you and never come back.
Yes but I call it a stick
my first inclination is to say yes but if you threw it from an incline i would be inclined to say
Dunno but had a good day mate,,,,,
yeah, I've done it, but I was trying to throw it in a curve. Go figure

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