Can you solve this??

Question:3 men go into a hotel and book a room between them, it costs £15,

a little while later the manager realises that he over charged them and sends the bell boy up with £5.

the bell boy takes £2 and pockets it, giving the men £3 back

so the men get £1 back, spending £4 each,

4 x 3 = 12 plus the £2 the bell boy has...

were did the other pound go??

Forget it!!

It's a matamtical illusion.

Been going over that for years myself.
to the Arcade!
Gordon Brown!!
yeah i can. both are two different problems. you cant put them together...
The manager has 10; the bell boy 2, each man has 3 = 15

Each man paid 4, making 12, of which the manager has 10 and the bell boy 2.

You mis-stated the question.
The room cost £10
Bell Boy £ 2
Men £1 each £ 3

Total £15
amongst each other, that's a good one, too good.
Wow... I think the bellboy has some sticky fingers. I believe he pocketed more than two dollars. Call the police!!
It isn't "12 plus the 2 the bellboy has". It's "12, including the 2 the bellboy has".
They gave it to the Bellboy as a tip - suckers!
Cheers, Steve.
easy one!!!
Watch his wording :P

As you can see it says 4 X 3 PLUS..when it's Minus what the bellboy had as some of thier money they paid went to the bell boy. so it would be

£4 each so £12. Minus the £2 to the bellboy. then the £10 to the hotel.

Nice one though
to the hooker
On a politically correct evaluation of the needs of 3 men to be sharing a room.

BTW, Where were you able to find a hotel room that cheap? Or should I pose this as another question?
The manager has 10; the bell boy 2, each man has 3 = 15

Each man paid 4, making 12, of which the manager has 10 and the bell boy 2.
So there was not one pound they are two different equations
The 3 men paid 15 for the room. Then the bellboy returned to them 3 (one each) which means the men have the perspetion they paid out of pocket 12 for the room (15-3=12).

Cost of the room is 10 which is in the possession of the hotel manager currently. 3 was returned to the 3 men while 2 was kept by the Bellboy. Therefore the men each paid 3.3 for the room because the cost for the room was 10. 3 was returned to the men of the original 15. The Three men "think" they paid 12 for the room but in reality they paid 10. The "extra" is a perception of the three men thinking they paid 12, but really paying 10. The 2 stolen by the bellboy is outside of the equasion the three men think they are paying.
Each man has spent £4 = £12, £10 of which the manager now has, and £2 of which the bellboy has. They all received £1 each back.

£10 = manager
£2 = bellboy
£1 = man #1
£1 = man #2
£1 = man #3

10+2+1+1+1 = 15.

The money's all accounted for, mate!

Your maths are wrong. £10 for the room i.e. £3.33.. each plus £1 each from the bell boy and £2 in the bell boy`s pocket. Keep your eye on the detail.

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