Did anyone else see the aliens arrive last night?

Question:I was with one of my many lady friends last night, when all of a sudden the back door swung open and an alien in a full scuba suit walked into my house. When he began probing me from the inside, I heard him say "Eric, no more Vaseline, he's a clencher". I would have thought aliens spoke German, but whatever. Anyway, my special lady friend, seeing this horror, decided to leap through the stained-glass window, which I can understand, but geez.

Yes ! I saw them too ! They were in the local fish and chip shop with Elvis Presley, Lord Lucan, Isaac Newton, Buddy Holly and the Yorkshire Ripper........
that wasnt an alien.
that was your mother putting on an act because she didnt like the girl you were with.
hope you liked the probing.
They wouldn't have probed you if you offered them kool-aid and brownies. Just saying.
wow you sound like a person who watches sci-fi, or else one who hasnt taken their medications. btw, im german
You sir are an idiot!!
Lets talk more like the no lady friends..
Whatever you're smokin, can I have some? lol. I'd like to feel that good too. Please share.
Fruit cake, and nutty spring to mind,,,,,,,,, they don't speak German, it Italian.
I thought this might be the proof we were needing, but I quickly realized this was BS when I looked at your picture and read your opening sentence : "I was with one of my many lady friends last night..."

You almost had me there!
try fanfiction.net
maybe, a spirit that's communicating a message to you and for your girl,, and the message is, you're not meant for each other
Actually, they've been around for a very long time, have they not? :)))


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