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Question:In a humans average life span is 85,and at night in them 85 yrs how many spiders do you ingest while slepping?This is a fact,1st one that gets it wins,if no one gets it the 1st one that is closest wins the points.

well, approximatly 1 spider every ten years. so 8.5, rounded to 8 or 9
8 spiders a year times 85 years is 750 spiders

hope it's right
0 - see below.

No, this is an urban legend. Created to show that people will believe anything--and then going on to be believed. The following is from the urban legend debunking site www.snopes.com Claim: The average person swallows eight spiders per year. Status: False. Origins: Fear not. This "statistic" was not only made up out of whole cloth, it was invented as an example of the absurd things people will believe simply because they come across them on the Internet. In a 1993 PC Professional article, columnist Lisa Holst wrote about the ubiquitous lists of "facts" that were circulating via e-mail and how readily they were accepted as truthful by gullible recipients. To demonstrate her point, Holst offered her own made-up list of equally ridiculous "facts," among which was the statistic cited above about the average person's swallowing eight spiders per year, which she took from a collection of common misbeliefs printed in a 1954 book on insect folklore. In a delicious irony, Holst's propagation of this false "fact" has spurred it into becoming one of the most widely-circulated bits of misinformation to be found on the Internet.
5 to 6
My guess is 100!
at least 13
Did you know that this is an urban legend and that it has been around longer than you have been alive.
its not true that people eat spiders in their sleep ,its an urban myth ,who has the time to sit there counting
1926. I eat them for fun so mine is about 32983723 right now
I have it on the highest authority {my wife}, that the number of spiders ingested while slepping [an old Scandinavian hobby I believe] is inversely proportional to the square root of the number of teeth that have been extracted prior to your eleventh birthday.

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