Can u answer this! I DARE you too !!?

Question:Which one is correct?

The one below is false.

The one above is true.

they are both true
lol they are both the same
=0) =0) =)=0) =0) 0=)
I double DARE you to tell me the correct answer
it is false
I don't get it! Im confused.
the only thing that is correct is that this is a paradox
The one.
they are all false
Whatever you want to call the one above (an okay name, but not very 'punchy') is, in my daring opinion, true for most beings. So the one below is false, unless it's in a quark. lol

No biggie; calm yourself... ;-}
I already answered this question earlier! Once again, the first statement is true because it's pointing out a lie! Why would a liar tell the truth?
No, I can't answer this.
the first said is always true
Trust No One
this is a variation of the old paradox: "This sentence is false" which I like much better. I counter-dare u to find out if it is true.

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